Premier TV: what to analyze in streaming services

GPM is the leading media holding in Russia and Eastern Europe, that combines assets in all media segments. 

The company is actively developing its Premier streaming app, and it became necessary to define metrics which may help to calculate business cases, unit economics, and post-analysis of products and promotions to be launched. 

Together with the partner we did the following: we reviewed current reports and dashboards, gathered and systematized currently used indicators, conducted face to face meetings with key consumers of the reports, gathered requirements from them. We then prepared a methodology for calculating additional indicators, a scheme that linked all the indicators, and described a step-by-step algorithm for using metrics in cases. After that we verified and tested the indicators and methodology on case studies with the launch of products in one of the company's departments. 

After we were sure that the methodology worked, the results could be interpreted and everybody was satisfied with the approach, we prepared the methodology description for case-based cannibalization calculation and, as a result of the whole project, we described the methodology of case-based calculation with examples which were given to the customer for further use

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